Održivost kao ideja vodilja

The responsibility of the profine Group for climate protection and sustainability rests on the three pillars:

•    Energy efficiency and CO2 reduction
•    Lead-free “greenline” stabilisers
•    Recycling and protection of resources

For many years, profine has been consistently underscoring its pioneering role in window systems complying with the high demands for energy efficiency and environmental compatibility – and this with influential product innovations and responsible ecological concepts.

Convincing testimony to this was not last provided by profine in 2004, when the Group took the initiative with its lead-free “greenline” maxim to replace the lead content of fresh PVC-U for all window and shutter profiles exclusively with environmentally friendly
stabilisers, based on calcium zinc.

Good twelve months beforehand the company had already commissioned for this purpose an ultra modern mixing plant for producing its own profile additives, a measure that effectively eliminated the need for lead over the whole manufacturing process.

profine is, therefore, a good step ahead of the stipulations under the EU ordinance “REACH” and the voluntary commitment “Vinyl 2010”, gaining a convincing reputation as a company taking environmental responsibility seriously.

Ecological thinking for the future is also the profine maxim in the development of profile systems with high energy efficiency for reduced CO2, verified e.g. by the early presentation of “passive house” window systems or more recently the launch of six-chamber profiles.

Utilising resources sensibly and with a view to the future was finally also the underlying  idea when the profine brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL joined forces to launch a nationwide recycling initiative (www.REWINDO.de) as far back as the early nineties and since then assure the reutilisation of old PVC-U windows in a self-contained cycle.



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